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Arriba Nacional Ecuador


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Classic cocoa paste 100% organic

This Ceremonial Grade Cacao is made from Ecuadors finest heirloom variety, Arriba Nacional, by cacao producing communities from the Amazonian province of Napo. Their mission is to conserve and produce ancestral cacao that provides a fair price for their members. The cacao itself is farmed using the traditional Kichwa method called ‘Chakra’, which has a conscientious respect for the natural environment. This organic approach seeks to preserve biodiversity and natural resources.

As well as its fine aroma, low bitterness and amazing taste, Arriba Nacional is a favourite among those who drink cacao in a ceremonial setting. The fermentation process and toasting methods used by our association activates therapeutic compounds naturally found in this variety of cacao. Packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals – cacao truly is a superfood for body, mind and spirit.