Cacao Ceremony & Numerology Reading


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Sierra Leone Cacao Cup will welcome you during an event in wonderful space of Om Setrið joga studio in Njardvik

We will welcome SunDay

We will welcome ourselves 🪞

We will do small opening ritual

And then we will go into deeper view of our karmic path and destiny during numerology reading with @Agita Butkus

Karmic numerology and matrix of destiny

The method is developed on the basis of 22 energies of the universe (codes of destiny).

These energies operate in life around us, inside us and are encrypted in the date of birth of each person.

♾ The essence of the method is to understand the energies that came with us into this world Journey to the numerology reading will lead us:

🪄 To understand ourselves better,

🤗 learn to use positive energy,

🧚‍♀️ heal negative aspects,

🦋 to be able to live fully

🪞 look into yourself with understanding

⭕️ accept yourself to leave the circle of unhealthy patter

Cost: 3000 ISK 🙏🏼

Love and Gratitude