Full Moon Cacao Ceremony


Full Moon 🌕
Cacao Ceremony
March’s full Moon 🌕
Worm 🐛 Moon,
which was originally thought to refer to the earthworms 🪱 that appear as the soil warms in spring.
The Full Moon occurs on Sunday,
March 28th,
when the Sun in Aries ♈️
forms an opposition to the Libra ♎️ Moon.
It’s a time of culmination and the promise of fulfillment of something begun at the New Moon 🌚.
Heightened emotions 🌊,
romance 🔥,
fertilization 🫂
relationship drama 🎭
The Aries-Libra polarity
Aries ♈️ represents “self,”
and Libra ♎️ represents “other.”
Where Aries ♈️ is about self-assertion,
Libra ♎️ is about compromise.
With the Libra Moon 🌙,
we’re especially aware of our need for relationships 🫂
and all that comes with maintaining them:
The Aries ♈️ Sun ☀️,
on the other hand 🤚,
is self-assertive,
personally courageous
This Full Moon urges us to strike a balance between meeting our personal needs and attending to the needs of a significant other,
between independence or autonomy and dependence or companionability.
The Libra ♎️ 🌝 Moon is:
The Aries ♈️ ☀️ Sun values authenticity over tact and is energized by independent efforts.
The Full Moon illuminates this conflict.
We will enjoy both sites
Discover ourselves
To at the end find balance ⚖️
Strongest and wonderful Cacao from Ecuador 🇪🇨
Will help us go deeper
And deeper
And deeper
To touch it
To feel it
To celebrate it
Wonderful and healing space of Om Setrið will welcome us and will support us in our growth
We are the healers of own Universe 🌕