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Sierra Leone Pure Love


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Classic cocoa paste 100% organic

Sierra Leone cocoa comes straight from the African rainforests of Sierra Leone, from an area that has been inhabited for centuries by the Mende and Temne tribes. It is only ground beans, i.e. 100% cocoa with its full spectrum of properties preserved. The smell and taste are just out of this world!

It is grown on small plantations blended in with the tropical landscape, shaded with trees typical of this region. The plantations use sustainable practices that are friendly to the environment, people working on it, and local fauna and flora.

And the most important…

Sierra Leone Cocoa has no preservatives or additives, and is pure cocoa mass that reaches you straight from an African grower.
This is cacao in its pure, traditional form, used by ancient mesoamerican civilizations for thousands of years in ceremony and celebration.

The paste Induces a chilled out slightly euphoric feeling.