Space – created by sound


Space 🧚‍♀️
Full of silence, sounds, music… and trust.
There will be no cacao ceremony that day, but still, you can have a cup of cacao if you wish, just please let me know the day before.
This will be self-discovery event connected to 🎶
voice 🪄
art of inner connection to world of sounds 🙇‍♀️
7.02.2021 between 11:00 – 13:00 in @Om Setrið yoga studio we will have an opportunity to touch the sound.
Sound of
the world 🌍
instruments 🥁
and ourselves 🤫
We will have wonderful chance to experience a fascinating journey
🙏🏼 to harmony
🌊 and well-being
through sounds.
No music experience is needed, Adam Świtała is a composer, musician and researcher,
🙆🏻he is fascinating and passionate person who understand all the levels of sounds consciousness,
🙆🏻he will guide us into the magical freedom of using instruments, voice, sounds…
So we can openly:
hear deeper,
shout lauder,
feel natural with ourselves in touch with sounds.
How much does sound influence our overall condition?
What does it mean – to be “musical”?
How do we connect through music – with others, and with ourselves?
Making music is an act of trust.
We often feel vulnerable when making music.
This exposure is felt particularly when we are using our voices.